15. We do not accept that large numbers of procedures indicate competence and a few indicate otherwise. The Bristol surgeons had large numbers but all failures. The outcome must be judged not numbers.
16. Training of substantive doctors has been presumptuously approved. It is now a fact that full-time trainees do not necessarily receive satisfactory training.
17. Revalidation is about retaining full registration (or whatever registration the doctor holds). This should be unconditional and unrestricted. If the rights and privileges of full registration are altered in any way, it would signify not failure of doctors but failure of the regulatory body to function competently.
18. Locums must be represented at all stages of revalidation. A hospital locum must be involved in the assessment of another hospital locum.



These are defined in our earlier document - Proposals for revalidation.


All categories must be treated fairly without hitches, harassment or delays. These have been our experience with the GMC. The Council must change the way it treats locums.

21. Doctors coming to the UK from abroad should be enabled compliance with revalidation in good time to pursue locum work. The UK market should not be allowed to become a closed or anticompetitive one on the basis of revalidation.
22. Each doctor should have a portfolio in the form of a lever arch file with subject dividers. There should be sections for different learning activities and new experiences gained.
23. Each post worked should be listed with any learning gain in relation to it.
24. Logbooks should be kept of all hands-on work.
25. Courses attended should be listed. If study leave is denied or an activity cannot be complied with, the reasons should be documented. No section should be left blank.
26. Open testimonials or appraisals should be obtained from employers/seniors and filed in the portfolio.
27. This portfolio should be submitted for revalidation to the GMC every five years.
28. If no positive effort has been made, the doctor should be referred to a deanery for assistance with revalidation.
29. No doctor should be straightaway subjected to FTP procedures. Proper opportunities must be first provided for remedy.
30. If remedial action is not available, it must signify a crisis in revalidation process. We are not yet ready for this.
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