Annual Report 2000-2001
LDA is now four years old. It is still a child that has to grow much. Hospital locum doctors and other atypical doctors are the most problem group in the profession, largely through the neglect or overlooking of their issues by the rest of the profession, the NHS and eminent bodies. LDA has therefore inherited a minefield of problems. Every area needs address. However we can only do so much at a time. Below is a summary of all our achievements to date. The achievements of the past year are starred and will be detailed further on. Since we only charge 10 and most members do not pay us without hassle it is a miracle that we have achieved what we did. This is due to the hard work, dedication and the personal sacrifices of the officers and active members of LDA. All of them must be thanked for their undying efforts to reform the working lives of locums.

1. Successful recognition of hospital locums as a distinct group in the profession.
2. Awareness of the needs and problems of hospital locums.
3. We have been successfully speaking up for locums, and standing up to smear campaigns against locums.*
4. The Locums' Charter.
5. Induction pack for hospital locums and the need for induction.
6. Awareness of car parking problems in hospitals and the provision of parking tokens or permits with key on arrival.
7. A CV guidance for locums and other doctors.

Cancellation fee from locum agencies.

9. Abolition of the STA and curtailment of Royal College power in employment and postgraduate medical education.*
10. Revalidation of locums. The folder is our idea.*
11. The coining of the phrase "LOCUMISM". Creating awareness of this as a violation of Human Rights Law.*
12. We flagged up locums' problems in the House of Lords.
13. Representation of locums for the very first time on important national bodies.
14. We gave evidence to CHI on an investigation of a locum doctor.*
15. We participated in the SHO modernisation project by the DOH.*
16. We were consulted and fed our views to the GMC on revalidation, racial equality, GMC reforms, changes to the fitness to practise procedures.*
17. We have assisted several doctors with inquiries, hospital disputes and complaints. We have had a number of successful outcomes.*
18. An advisory counselling helpline to support our members.
19. A comprehensive newsletter.
20. Meeting with the DOH to resolve revalidation and related issues.*
21. A website. *
22. Evidence to the Bristol. Royal Infirmary Inquiry.

(1 hope 1 have not missed anything out)

The bodies we worked with or liaised with or were involved with last year were:

  • GMC
  • DOH
  • Secretary of State for Health.
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • AGMETS and its subgroup. (CMO's committees)
  • SHO modernisation steering group.
  • CH1
  • Medical Womens' Federation.
  • Consumer's Council
  • BMA's career progress of doctors' committee.
  • Locum agencies.
  • NHS Trusts individually.
  • Patient's groups.

We also have overseas members and receive numerous requests for info and help from overseas doctors seeking to work in the UK.

There are still hundreds of issues to tackle. Superannuation for agency locums, details of revalidation, CME, study leave, career break re-entry, jobs for retraining for the SR, private practice rights for locum consultants, legal support, a code of practice for locums, agency locum work improvements, taxation and contractual issues... the list is infinite.

If we all work together, we will succeed in getting equal recognition for equal work, which has become our motto.

My heartfelt thank you to all those who assisted and supported our work, not to say the least to all of you in LDA

Shelmaz Somjee
Founder and chairperson

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